SYANDEX application

    The SYANDEX application is based on WordPress technology, the leading platform for web applications. By this choice we secure that our system is always based on state-of-the-art technology.

    Your website

    You manage your cluster through the SYANDEX system. We create a connection to your website so that the product catalogue is accessible to buyers through your domain.



    SX Product Configurator

    The SX product configurator is the module through which products become digitalized.
    Cluster members enter and manage their products with all product specifications.
    Once a cluster member has signed the cooperation agreement with you, a user account becomes opened and access to product configurator granted. In the SX product configurator all product specifications which are relevant for promoting and selling the products are gathered.
    Data entry is executed by each cluster member for its products. By this concept

    • You don´t overtake heavy workload for data entries
    • The producers themselves have the responsibility of accurate data

    Each cluster member has the possibility for updating and correcting its product data or adding new products.
    The product configurator is designed in a user-friendly form format, which is easy to understand and which minimizes errors during the input.
    For each cluster the product configurator becomes customized.

    SX Product Database

    The SX application operates with a WordPress product database, through which all product specifications are available in digital form and available for all functions of the SYANDEX application.

    SX Product manager (admin panel)

    The SX admin panel is the main tool for managing products. Through the admin panel you have the options to

    • Review all products in your cluster
    • To search for products based on specific product filters
    • To edit product data
    • To update product data in the product configurator and the digital catalogue
    • To manage pricelists for buyers
    • To manage proposals and quotation to buyers
    • To export product data to excel or pdf files

    SX Digital Catalogue

    Printed product catalogues are definitely outdated.
    The SYANDEX application operates with a digital catalogue, which allows buyers to review all products online and to filter them based on their preferences. This is the best service you can offer to them!
    At the same time, every time a producer (cluster member) enters a new product into the system, it is immediately visible to buyers in the catalogue.
    You have the choice to include price information or only the products and their specifications.

    SX Ask for Quote Function

    Buyers have the option through the digital catalogue to select products they are interested in and to ask through the system for a proposition or quotation based on their selection.