Barriers for small businesses

    Small businesses may have great products and services, but still they cannot grow as they meet insurmountable barriers in the markets:

    • Insufficient resources for marketing and business development
    • Lack of expertise
    • Low interest of buyers and distributors due to small volumes
    • High logistic costs

    There is no way a small business to overcome these barriers by itself.


    Generating unbeleivable business power
    through clustering 

    To unlock business potential of small businesses the solution is to create innovative business clusters.
    Business clusters allow for:

    • Sharing costs for expertise and market development to an affordable level
    • Generating volumes which become interesting for buyers and distributors
    • Creating new business propositions in the markets
    • Minimising overhead and logistic costs


    Create and manage business clusters with Syandex!

    The idea of business clusters may be known, in practice cluster business is complex and difficult to realise. Up to now!
    Syandex is an innovative, digital application, which makes it easy to design, develop, promote and manage business clusters.
    It offers to cluster owners incredible new business opportunities and to small enterprises a solution to grow their business by overcoming the systemic market barriers.


    New opportunities for cluster owners

    • Associations
      Business associations can take advantage of Syandex and offer to their members a new level of promotion and business development.
    • Business consultants
      For business consultants Syandex offers the chance to completely transform their business. Instead of supporting many small businesses one by one, which most of the time is not very profitable, they become and own a brand themselves. At the same time value and results for their customers skyrocket.
    • Supplier management for enterprises
      Syandex is not only a strong tool for developing business in terms of sales, it offers to enterprises new ways to manage their suppliers. With the Syandex application suppliers can import and update their product data according to the demands of the enterprise. This improves data quality and minimises resources for the enterprises.