Business consultants: how to transform services into business

    Most business development experts face the same problem: you may get paid for supporting customers in their development, but at some point, you are left out of profits. Instead of a sustainable return on your investment of expertise and work, you only get a compensation for a limited period of time.

    As much you love to be a consultant, this reality is very frustrating.

    SYANDEX is the innovative business cluster system which allows you for becoming the business yourself.

    The locked potential of businesses

    As business consultant you know that there are many companies which produce incredible products, but which are extremely weak in regards of business development. Either because they lack expertise, resources or both.
    Furthermore, for small quantities logistic costs become too high for their products to be competitive in markets abroad. And last, but not least: Buyers are not willing to list and to manage many small suppliers, day by day, even if they have great products to offer. In consequence, these small businesses cannot unfold the business potential of their great products.

    What if as business consultant you could help, but the companies cannot afford a decent compensation?

    The future: clustering and digitalization

    There is a way to unlock the business potential: to help many small businesses in joining forces. By creating a business cluster, unique synergies can be achieved and allow to overcome the barriers.
    Marketing cost, market development cost and shipping cost can be shared and become affordable for each cluster member.

    Business goes digital

    When trying to transform the idea of clustering from theory into practice, things come very soon to a dead end. The management of many members and many hundreds of products cannot be done manually. For this the operation is simply to complex.
    What you need is an innovative application which supports a digital management of your cluster and a new, state-of-art business model in B2B business.

    What is SYANDEX about?

    SYANDEX is a new business cluster system, designed especially for business development and export consultants. It enables you to create an innovative , digital and sustainable business by gathering companies, brands and products and to become a digital business as “brand of brands”.
    SYANDEX provides

    • the business model how to create your own business through clustering and digitalization
    • a complete digital application for managing digitally your business cluster
    • a development roadmap, with an analytic action plan to set up the business

    Minimal investment cost

    To setup a complete, attractive concept and to develop suitable digital tools for the operation will take years and tens of thousands of euro.
    With SYANDEX you can start your business in few weeks and with almost no investment costs.
    You get the complete system and with our subscription model you will generate from the very beginning a positive cash flow.

    Two options for using SYANDEX

    For you as business development consultant there are two options to take advantage of SYANDEX.
    Either you use it for developing a business and brand of yourself, or alternatively you propose it to other entrepreneurs and act as moderator of the cluster.

    The success story behind SYANDEX

    SYANDEX has been developed by Axis Blueschild, the leading international consulting firm, which specializes in export development and internationalization services.
    Through the years many small food producers had approached Axis Blueschild asking for support in their export development. Though they were too small to afford consulting fees or to consider on commission based services. In consequence, they were let alone without a chance to develop business at international level.
    Recognizing this market problem, Axis Blueschild decided for a different approach: in 2019 we started an innovative, international cluster in the field of fine foods under the new brand Global Food World.  Today, Global Food World is a strong, international player in fine food supply at global level.

    Start with SYANDEX new business from today!