Innovating B2B business

B2B digital sales application


is the innovative application for digital sales in B2B business

Boost sales and minimise sales operation costs at the same time.

Syandex allows new ways of interaction with buyers and suppliers
which up to now were considered as impossible in the B2B sector

A unique tool for B2B enterprises, associations, entrepeneurs and consultants
to exploit new business potential through smart digitalization

Digital product Catalog
Digital product Catalog
Digital inquiries and quotations
Digital inquiries and quotations
Digital product configurator
Digital product configurator
Digital data manager
Digital data manager

Apply new ways of interaction with buyers and suppliers

By digitalising interaction with buyers and suppliers
you shift your sales to new levels.

Take-off your business with Syandex

Increase leads & inquiries with easy digital functionality

Boost sales through digital buyer interaction

Close the gap between presentation and inquiry

sales operation costs

Reduce time and costs for quotations

Transform product data into new business value

Setup new business with high efficiency

Outsource product management to your suppliers

Optimize scalability of business without increase of cost

Increase your sales power

by digitising product information and sales processes

“This is not possible in B2B business”

is common statement when it comes to digitalization.

The reality is another:
B2B buyers value user-friendly, product presentation, well-structured, updated, accurate product information, easy-to-go inquiry tools and quotations in no time

The customer decides where the journey is headed

At the same time a significant share of B2B providers
still do not give their customers the option of reviewing products and of placing orders online

Data are the fuel for business success

Today have only limited value if they are available in your ERP and CRM systems
The key is to take advantage of them in your sales and interactions with buyers