For B2B businesses Syandex offers the chance to significantly increase their competitiveness, to boost their sales, while minimising sales operation costs at the same time.

Main Functionality

For enterprises in the B2B sector, especially when they offer many products and multiple product categories Syandex brings a revolution in their business.
It supports

  • New buyer experience in product presentations through Syandex digital catalog

  • Possibility to provide product details without limitations

  • Confidential product data and prices upon buyer login

  • Real-time product updates

  • Easy placement of inquiries by buyers themselves

  • Automatic customised quotations

  • Product entries and updates by the supplier

Business Benefits

Environmental Impact

  • Reduction of printed catalogues

  • Reduction of in-house print-outs

Significant Cost Reduction in Sales Operation

  • Easy digital product updates

  • Outsourcing of product entries and updates to suppliers

Increase of Sales

  • Competitive advantage by state-of-the-art buyer experience

  • Product data quality (details & updates)

  • Easy digital inquiries

Setup Time

  • Immediately available

  • Easy setup with Syandex product configurator