Innovating B2B business with Syandex

What is digitalization of B2B business about?

  • Digital interactions with buyers

  • Simplification of sales processes

  • Transformation of data into business value

  • Shorten time to sales

  • Cost reduction in sales operation

The Syandex modules

  • Syandex digital catalog

  • Syandex digital inquiries & quotations

  • Syandex data manager

  • Syandex product configurator

  • Syandex controlling

What is the impact on your business?

  • Boost sales with digital buyer interaction and process simplification

  • Reduce sales operation costs

  • Minimise response time for quotations

  • Improve data quality and data consistency

  • Scalability of business without additional operation costs

  • Provide new services

  • Develop new businesses

  • Efficient product & supplier management

Who can benefit from Syandex?

  • Enterprises in the B2B sector

  • Exporters

  • Business associations

  • Business consultants

Syandex – what makes us unique?

  • Innovative and integrated solution

  • Simple setup

  • Easy to customise