Exports are part of overall B2B sales, but Syandex is a strong especially for export sales.

In export development opportunities for personal meetings and interactions with buyers are limited. Due to communication by distance and higher international competition, it is much more difficult to get buyers attention and to make a difference to competitors. Even more important it is to overcome barriers in communication and interactions with innovative, digital tools.

Get Buyers Attention

In exports it is extremely difficult to reach the buyers and to get their attention. Though sending of pdf files for presenting your company and its products is usual practice, it is absolutely inefficient. Mails with attachments many times are blocked by the IT systems and they allow only very limited information on your products.
With Syandex you give buyers through a link to your digital catalog an easy way to review your products within seconds and in an attractive way of presentation.

Provide Excellent Product Information

With Syandex digital catalog you have no limitations for providing as much details buyers need to evaluate your products. Some of them can be shared in the public part, more sensitive and classified data are available upon buyer login.

Receive Inquiries Instantly

With Syandex review of products and placing an inquiry are not two separate steps. When buyers find your products interesting they can select them and send an inquiry right away (even without any login). Digital inquiry function multiplies your chances to get your feet into buyers door.

Send Quotations in no Time

When receiving a digital inquiry you can prepare quotation in no time. You only have to set the margin category for the specific buyer depending on his characteristics.
This means that you respond to buyers inquiry within few minutes!

Calculate logistics easily

Buyers in most cases ask for a final quotation which includes the transportation costs for their order. Syandex generates for each quotation a detailed packaging list, which allows you to calculate logistic costs easily and fast.

Thrill your Buyers

Thrill your buyers through an overall interaction beyond competition and become their favourite supplier.

Main Functionality for Exporters

  • New buyer experience in product presentations through Syandex digital catalog

  • Possibility to provide product details without limitations

  • Confidential product data and prices upon buyer login

  • Real-time product updates

  • Easy placement of inquiries by buyers themselves

  • Automatic customised quotations

  • Product entries and updates by the supplier

Business Benefits

Environmental Impact

  • Reduction of printed catalogues

  • Reduction of in-house print-outs

Significant Cost Reduction in Sales Operation

  • Easy digital product updates

  • Outsourcing of product entries and updates to suppliers

Increase of Sales

  • Competitive advantage by state-of-the-art buyer experience

  • Product data quality (details & updates)

  • Easy digital inquiries

Setup Time

  • Immediately available

  • Easy setup with Syandex product configurator