For business associations, Syandex is an innovative tool for upgrading their services to their members and for generating additional revenues.

Main Functionality

Syandex for business associations supports

  • Standardisation and upgrade of member data

  • Creating user accounts for members

  • Data entries and updates by members

  • State-of-the-art presentation of members and their products through Syandex digital catalogue

  • Real-time data updates

  • Easy placement of inquiries

  • Automatic forwarding of inquiries to members

Business Benefits

Environmental Impact

  • Reduction of printed catalogues

  • Reduction of in-house print-outs

Significant Cost Reduction in Data Collection and Management

  • Easy digital product updates

  • Outsourcing of product entries and updates to suppliers

Increase of Revenues with New Services

  • New services to members

  • New services to partners and customers

Setup Time

  • Immediately available

  • Easy setup with Syandex product configurator

Data value

  • Optimization of services by upgrade of member data