For business consultants Syandex is a chance to upgrade their services to their customers and to generate new revenue streams.

Become Syandex Ambassador

As ambassador you become a certified reseller of Syandex in your region and you get a unique tool for boosting your consulting business. Enable enterprises in your market in digitalising their sales operation and help them to boost their sales.

Upgrade your Consulting Services

Though Syandex is a easy to install application, many enterprises will need additional support in transforming their entire sales operation.


New Cluster Projects

For many small and medium sized businesses, clusters are the only solution to significantly grow their business. Business clusters allow to generate synergies and to share costs in business development. With Syandex you now get a strong tool to establish and to manage new business cluster projects and to create a new division in your consulting business.

Create your own B2B Business

As business consultant you may have developed expertise in a specific business area a good network at both market sides, suppliers and buyers.
So maybe it is now the time to take advantage of these assets and to create your own cluster business using Syandex.

Contact us for more information if you are interested to upgrade your consulting business as Syandex ambassador.