Setup new Businesses

“Brand of Brands” Businesses

Setup and accelerate new business with Syandex

Syandex is an incredible application for entrepreneurs who plan to start a new business as it helps them from the very beginning to

  • Develop and manage their assortment

  • To outsource the assortment development to their suppliers

  • To convince buyers with strong product presentation and inquiry functionality

  • To operate orders and sales without limited manpower and at low operational costs

Innovative “brand of brands” business

– unlock incredible business potential with Syandex

Syandex is more than a strong product and sales management application.
It allows to build an innovative business model as “brand of brands”:

In many sectors great products are produced by small and medium sized producers who lack of resources to develop their business in their home market, and even more in markets abroad.
On the other side, buyers may be highly interested in these great products, but they are not willing to manage hundreds of small suppliers.
Consultants and agents cannot provide a solution as the business development for a single, small producer is not profitable and to cluster many of such small producers is too complex.